Say hello to Chatguru 🧔 – the amazing AI-powered chatbot available right on your Whatsapp (with ChatGPT)! Just send a message and get instant, expert-level advice on a wide range of topics.

How to Use Chat Guru

💬  Chat with Chat Guru on Whatsapp just like you would with ChatGPT. Enjoy seamless conversations with the AI that understands context.

🔄 Keep your chats fresh with the !reset command on Whatsapp. No more cluttered threads, as conversations automatically reset after 10 minutes of inactivity.

⚠️ Be mindful of the message limit – 1 message per 5 seconds – to prevent rate limit abuse. The base plan provides concise responses of up to 100 tokens, but look out for our upcoming plan with longer responses and longer timeouts. Your privacy is protected as your messages are not stored on our servers.

🙏 Have fun, but remember to respect the rate limit to avoid any interruptions!

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Whatsapp Bot, Android & iOS

Enterprise or need support? Reach out at

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